In the Blood

In the Blood

Savannah Russe

Book 4.0 of Darkwing Chronicles

Language: English

Publisher: Signet Classic

Published: Nov 6, 2007


Ever since the Feds "blackmailed vampiress Daphne Urban into joining Team Darkwing (or face termination), she has spied for the government. Her current assignment accompanied by her two remaining teammates is to investigate and mount a rescue of ten kidnapped teenage girls, daughters of New York City's upper crust. To accomplish the objective, Team Darkwing needs new members to replace those who left; not all voluntarily. They recruit former criminal Rogue and researcher Audrey to assist them on their mission. Time is running out as the government refuses to negotiate with terrorists so Daphne and Team Darkwing begins a search amidst the decadent Mew York vampiric underground before a deadly outcome occurs.