Operational Excellence for Insurance Professionals - Module 3

Operational Excellence for Insurance Professionals - Module 3


Language: English

Publisher: LOMA


The insurance industry is in the midst of fundamental changes in technology, products and markets, and customer expectations. LOMA 335—Operational Excellence for Insurance Professionals presents the business conditions and risks unique to the life insurance industry and helps you understand how to maximize value from company operations. 

Find out about effective decision making in insurance company operations. Module 3 presents the steps in the decision-making process, types of data needed for decision making, as well as data analysis and modeling concepts. Plus, you’ll learn about innovation and ways to spur innovative thinking during the decision-making process. 

  • Chapter 7: The Decision-Making Process
  • Chapter 8: Analysis and Modeling
  • Chapter 9: Data for Decision Making
  • Chapter 10: Innovation and Innovative Thinking